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Jackson token This post explores the presidential campaigns of 1824 and 2016, noting similarities that make me say, Been There, Done That.


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Cover image - "Our Present Suffering"EMZ-Piney Publishing offers three novels set in early Arkansas Territory. His Promise True tells how a young couple makes the journey as pioneers from Tennessee, and A Permanent Home follows the same couple as they struggle to create a home in Arkansas Territory. The latest release Our Present Suffering focuses on Mary Avery and her decision (a bit radical in 1830) to pursue a divorce from the man who abandoned her.

“This tale [Our Present Suffering] set in early Arkansas history is a compelling drama of a woman alone and disenfranchised during that time when women had very few rights. It has the ring of authenticity as the author brings the carefully researched story to life with vivid descriptions of that time and place. You will be glad to have this story in your library.” – Gary R

“Marlow has brought us to a time, complete with the grit, smells and trials of poverty, ignorance, and hopeless enslavement. The storyline and historical background of “His Promise True” holds the reader’s attention, while entertaining and retaining accuracy.” – Debra O

“If you like frontier romances, His Promise True is an enjoyable read. If you like characters who grow as they go, Marlow’s book shows true promise.” – Kathleen Edwards, Life is Story.

“I have truly enjoyed [A Permanent Home]. Mrs. Marlow has brought these characters to life and made me feel like I was traveling along with them through all their trials in life. It left me wanting more.” – Judith K.

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  1. Connie Hollis

    I just finished your second book. I LOVED it. Can’t wait for the next one!

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