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I’m Back – This Time for Good!

This site has looked like an abandoned project – the last post was on March 11, 2014. Really? Well, trust me, it wasn’t really abandoned – more like suspended. Beginning in late February last year, I became involved in a renovation project that devoured all “spare” time (and then some). If you want to know more about it, I put several posts on my personal blog, including a wrap-up of the whole process. But that project is (more or less) complete, and it’s a new year, so I’m coming back to this site with renewed commitment.

One reason for the renewed commitment is that I have a new motivator. In December, I published my second novel, A Permanent Home. This story is a sequel to His Promise True and follows John David and Maggie McKellar as they try to establish a home in Arkansas Territory, which at that time belonged to Indian tribes by treaty with the U.S. government. This book addresses the conflict between white settlers and the Cherokees over the land north of the Arkansas River.

both books

The history in this novel is fascinating to me, and I’m anxious for an opportunity to talk more about it and in a different style than I could in the novel. So I’m committed to writing at least one post per week that will address some topic from the time period of the two books – hold me to it!

If you have any questions or suggestions for topics related to the time period (early 19th century), please leave them in the comments. I’d love to chase some historical bunnies!

(I’m also starting on a third novel, from the same time period, if you were wondering.)

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A Review from “Across the Pond”

Ann Turnbull, author of wonderful historical fiction for young adults, has reviewed His Promise True for a blog called An Awfully Big Blog Adventure.

Ann’s review

Thank you for the review, Ann. It’s great to know the characters have appeal beyond this region!

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Let’s Celebrate Love Stories!

With Valentine’s Day right here on us, I thought I’d give a small token of affection to lovers of romantic stories. From Feb. 13-15, His Promise True will be available as a Kindle download for only $.99. I hope you enjoy reading Maggie’s love story and that you will go out and make your own!

Buy on Amazon Kindle


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Good, What There Was of It

There’s a joke my dad used to tell about a young man who had gone to dinner at the home of the lady he was courting. He was trying to think of a way to compliment her on her cooking skills, but he was a simple farmer of few words. He worried over what to say through the whole meal, and finally, when dessert was done, he knew he had to say something. So he told the young lady, “The food was good, what there was of it.” Seeing the expression on her face, he realized he had failed in his effort to compliment her, so he quickly added, “There was plenty of it, such as it was.”

Yesterday’s book signing reminds me of the first part of the joke. Only ten people (five of them from one family, haha) braved the weather to come out. But who could blame them when this was the condition of the roads driving in?


Though the turnout was small, as the young man told his girlfriend, “It was good, what there was of it.” I had plenty of time to visit with each of the people who came, including a good discussion of Cherokee history in the state and my research resources for the books with a former student. And I had a comment via Facebook last night that said one of the new readers of the book was nearly finished already. I’ve had a number of people tell me they couldn’t put down the book, but to be within 20 pages of the end in only seven hours is definitely a record! : D

Thank you to each of the 10 visitors, and thanks especially to Lynn Wiman of Vintage Bookstore for hosting the event in her lovely location. Maybe we can do another one someday when the weather is a little more accommodating.


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Book Signing This Weekend!


This coming Saturday (Feb. 8), I’ll be signing books and visiting with friends in one of my favorite places ever, the Vintage Bookstore in Russellville. Barring any bad weather, the signing will last from noon-2 p.m. Thanks to Lynn Wiman for her efforts in putting together and hosting the signing.

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Review on “Life Is Story”

His Promise True has its first really external review, at the Life is Story blog! My book is sharing space on the blog’s front page with new books by Michael Crichton and Dan Brown, no less.




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A Few Bad Decisions

The bad weather came in, as predicted. We had cold rain all day Thursday, and in the evening the temperature dropped enough that the rain turned to sleet. During the night, I could hear it pecking against the window every time I woke. By Friday morning, the temperature was cold enough that the sleet transitioned into snow, and it snowed for most of the day. I estimate we ended up with about three inches of snow on top of maybe a quarter-inch of ice. Many people lost electrical power, but we’ve been fortunate so far that ours has stayed on the whole time. Temperatures are very cold. This kind of weather is unusual for this time of year. My brother-in-law did a little research and found that the last time we had anything like this was in 2000, when the state was hit with two major snow/ice storms in December. Continue reading


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Book Signing – “His Promise True”

The Johnson County Historical Society hosted a book signing on Saturday, Nov. 23, for EMZ-Piney’s latest release, “His Promise True” by Greta Marlow. The signing was set at the JCHS Heritage Center in downtown Clarksville.




Approximately 30 people stopped in during the two-hour event. Thanks to the Historical Society for their help in organizing the signing!


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