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Got a Minute?

My husband and I recently took an anniversary trip to east Tennessee, which put us in the Eastern time zone for a couple of days. As we passed the sign notifying us that we were entering the Eastern zone, we had a conversation about the concept of time and how different time would have been for people living at the time of my novels. Specifically, I asked my husband, “Do you think my characters would have had a concept of a ‘minute’ to say ‘wait a minute’ or anything like that?”

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I’m Back – This Time for Good!

This site has looked like an abandoned project – the last post was on March 11, 2014. Really? Well, trust me, it wasn’t really abandoned – more like suspended. Beginning in late February last year, I became involved in a renovation project that devoured all “spare” time (and then some). If you want to know more about it, I put several posts on my personal blog, including a wrap-up of the whole process. But that project is (more or less) complete, and it’s a new year, so I’m coming back to this site with renewed commitment.

One reason for the renewed commitment is that I have a new motivator. In December, I published my second novel, A Permanent Home. This story is a sequel to His Promise True and follows John David and Maggie McKellar as they try to establish a home in Arkansas Territory, which at that time belonged to Indian tribes by treaty with the U.S. government. This book addresses the conflict between white settlers and the Cherokees over the land north of the Arkansas River.

both books

The history in this novel is fascinating to me, and I’m anxious for an opportunity to talk more about it and in a different style than I could in the novel. So I’m committed to writing at least one post per week that will address some topic from the time period of the two books – hold me to it!

If you have any questions or suggestions for topics related to the time period (early 19th century), please leave them in the comments. I’d love to chase some historical bunnies!

(I’m also starting on a third novel, from the same time period, if you were wondering.)

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