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Life Imitating Art

In A Permanent Home, John David goes out one morning to find some damage to ears of corn in his field. Because he’s living in the contested area of Lovely’s Purchase, he’s not sure if the damage has been done by animals or humans. Well, I recently found damage in my own corn patch, and the culprit is clear – we’d been visited by raccoons.

IMG_20150804_100749900This picture was taken in the patch of yellow sweet corn in early July. We had two fairly long rows, and the damage was at the end of both rows. Really, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been; only a few stalks of corn were pulled down, and maybe a dozen ears had been pulled off and gnawed. I got right to work that morning and harvested around 75-100 ears (I didn’t count this year because I used the corn for whole-kernel corn rather than corn on the cob). I got plenty, even with the raccoons having their party.

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